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Living in California, extreme weather has caused many problems for the environment and for your home. If you have been fortunate enough to own a house, you will do anything to protect and make sure its safe. Most people focus on indoor tasks like carpet, paint, kitchens and baths. This is fine, but you overlook the most important protection of them all which would be your roof. Northridge roofers say that homeowners are not well informed when it comes to the power of hail and wind damage to their roof. This often leads to roof replacements in the future.

We encourage homeowners to be proactive with maintaining the exterior of their house in addition to the interior. Each house will have its own set of challenges. If your house is located in an area where there are extreme weather shifts and lots of snow, your home will be exposed to a lot more and will need to be watched carefully. Same with if it's located in a highly wooded area. Being that most people are not roofing experts, here are a couple things you can do safely. From ground level see if you can spot any missing shingles. If you see anything missing, call your local roofer. Next, see if any of your shingles are curling, if so call your roofer. Of course, if you see any holes you should automatically call your roofer asap.

While there are things you might be able to see from the ground level, there a lot you can miss as well. When it comes to hail damage you can easily overlook that. Roofers are trained to know what is a problem and what will eventually become a problem if the future. Hail damage might only look like a little indentation on your shingle but can lead to a small drop, which turns into a big drip that leads to an unplanned water feature in your home. All of this from compromised shingles.

Secured Roofing makes it our policy to return each home back to roof safety. It's important to remember your roof will not last forever and if you have bought an older house, you are closer to your roof aging out. If you think your home might have roof damage, schedule a roof inspection today. If you haven't had a roof inspection this year, schedule a roof inspection!

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